Unforgotten Good Deeds!

One of the my most powerful experiences on the rewards of helping or serving others occurred  a few months ago at our apartment.

My little boy and I were at the mall.As we pulled into the lot,we saw a Hispanic mom with young children holding a board which said ‘Fired,Please give a job’.This mom wanted a job and not money.

As I looked at those children,as a mom my own heart felt deeply moved.So I ran across the lot,told her I didn’t have a job but gave her what money I had in my purse.While she passed a blessing,I sent a small prayer in my mind for her and went back into the shop.And the incident was quickly forgotten.

Coincidentally that very week,I had car troubles.So this particular day I was in a hurry and had just 20 minutes to rush to pick my husband.My sweet car,threw a tantrum.Being a Car Dummy,I was clueless on what to do.And called up my husband asking if he could get a cab home.

So here I am, trying to get the car to start.At first an Indian passed through the parking lot and went straight past our car,and then came another person and another.One of the  hispanic men who were painting our apartment building,came down and asked if he could help,because he worked on cars as a part time job.Extremely reluctant,I said okay.

The man was kind enough to get the car running and told me what I had to let my husband and the service men know about the car’s troubles.I thanked him for his help.

As I pulled out of the lot,my mind flashed back to the mom whom I had helped that week.Of All the people that passed us by.This one man,a Hispanic man to be precise, was the only one who came by to help us.

Although I saw the painting crew time and time again that week.I never saw the man who helped me.And now I truly believe in angels

I was left in awe,The Lord God doesn’t forget what we do.He sees us. 🙂

Mom Whatever and whoever you help is and will be rewarded.It is all written in his book.If and whenever the opportunity presents itself,do not let it pass by you.You are storing up goodness for you and your family.