Book Review: Mothering from Scratch By Melinda Means and Kathy Helgemo

Mothering from Scratch is truly a unique book in many stances.

As a mom,I m always looking for great resources,to better myself.

I m thankful to god, to have been a part of this amazing book’s book launch effort.And to have met some amazing down to earth godly moms who strive to be the mom god created them to be.

Why I love this book?
It has made me introspect my mothering in many levels.

I  gained some new insights on places where I could better myself better,places where I slacked and some great tips to healthy living of the mind and body.
Being a task oriented person,for me to redefine productive was one of my biggest challenge as a mom.I loved the encouragement and hope  this book provided for a young mom like me.And the practical application on how to achieve your goals was one of my favorite sections in this book.

Relate able – As a mom I could relate to  the authors thoughts and feelings.Young moms and moms of older children, alike, would be able to relate with this book.

The books keep itself Real – Its show the real life struggles and solutions for the situation.

The way the book has been setup – The book has been setup such that there are introspective questions at the end of each chapter.Each question being very thought provoking.

The scripture references – I was impressed with the way the book aligned with biblical principles and how I could use the scripture references to pray for my child.And how it emphasis on the word of god.

The best part is  that I get opinions and thoughts of two authors on any given subject in a single book.Each section addresses Kathy’s thoughts and separately Melinda’s.

The book underlines and emphasizes on the need for Fellowship and mentoring – Which is something, in my opinion, lacking these days.I believe we  young moms could benefit from the friendship of a Titus 2 Mom.

In my opinion,this is a great go to mothering book.If you are looking for a book that will make you introspect your mothering style and give you handy tips then this is your go to book.

Some Quotes from the Book that I loved:
“You are courageous,loving mom when you place your confidence and your child into God’s Care”
“Our Identity is rooted in Christ,rather than the world.Nothing can change it,not even something as monumental as motherhood”