5 Steps to deal with Difficult people

Our Pastor Bill has a great way of paraphrasing difficult people.He calls them as EGR people,meaning Extra Grace Required.I love this new term,it truly requires extra grace when dealing with people who can easily set you off.

1.Pray about it:
Difficult people are plainly difficult,we’ll need all the assistance we can take on this one,so pray about it.I ve always felt and been thankful for the smooth encounters that have happened after I had prayed.

2.Let go or Stop focusing on the small annoyances:
Try to see if it really worth dragging the dog by its ear.is it really something that you need to worry about?Could you just bear this for the few days of your tenure, if so let it pass by.

3.Set boundaries:
It is important to have boundaries, so that everybody knows what to expect and bombshells are not dropped at nick of time.Find those things that are absolutely non compromisable and stick to your guns.

4.Limit your presence:
If the party in question are frictious or negative or make you feel insecure it would be best to cut down time with them.

5.Be realistic about your expectations:
Let go of expectations of change,accept the situation or person for who they are.Some people are negative or grumblers by nature.so learn to accept them for who they are.