Relationship matters – Reconnect as a Couple

Marriage and Relationships work based on trust,respect and loyalty.
Small changes can make big impacts in making a relationship a better one.


1. Its not about me.Its not about you .Its about us:
Always stand as a united front.
All decisions need to be taken with the best interest of the family or the couple than individual needs

2.Put your partner first:

Always put your partners need above yours and see beauty unfold in your relationship.

3.Appreciate your partner:

Let your spouse know all the things you appreciate them.Try this exercise atleast twice a year.
If you find it hard to be vocal let them know by a card

4.Don’t Play the Blame Game:

Quit the blame game and focus on the solution.Blaming doesn’t produce any productive results,it only produces more negative thoughts and sours the relationship.

5.Invest in your relationship:

Give your spouse the gift of time.Quality time spent together nurtures a relationship.