Savy Moms Guide to Sons – Tina Krause Book Review

Of all the parenting books I’ve read.This one is my absolute favorite.

I’ve highlighted almost every line of this book.
This will be my always go to book.


What makes this book unique.
Its written by a older mom,Tina Krause,mom of 2 boys,who is now a grand mom.


Its Biblical – Every chapter and every parenting tip with biblical backing.


Its Relatability –  as a mom of very young toddler I love that this book begins with Tina’s experience as a young mom,her stints into potty training,temper tantrums.


The book goes from A-Z of Parenthood: Stages of parenting – New Baby, Toddler hood, childhood,teen years and empty nesting.


Hope – As a young mom,although there are many years before I will see the fruits of the seed I’ve  sowed in my child,it gives me great hope seeing,an older moms life opened up to see what the future could hold.Tina Krause is now a grand mom.


Encouragement – Not everyday as a mom,we feel the highs of motherhood.This book is truly a very encouraging book as we go about our day to day activities.


Highly engaging  – Real Life Stories with solutions,suggestions and tips.With a good dose of humor.


I would within a heartbeat recommend this book as my favorite parenting book.So dont forget to check out this amazing book ,moms of boys.


The Savy Moms Guide to Sons is sound encouraging relatable book for any mom in any stage of motherhood.