The 4 Do’s and Dont’s when people share their need or difficult circumstances!Basic Etiquette

Difficulties and Hardships are always great learning experiences.You see things from a new perspective a new angle.Things you might have previously taken for granted.Words you might have uttered thoughtlessly.They all sieve through your memory boat.


The Do’s:


1)Offer them your help, your time.If you mean well,mean well through actions rather than through words.


2)Let them know how much they mean to you.Being vocal about their presence in your life. Definitely encourages a person.


3)Pray for them.Ask them what you could pray for them.Id like to say this is my original idea,but I ll have to give the credit to my friends Michele and Darla 🙂


4)Most importantly,listen and listen more,allow them to speak,to know how and what they feel!This way you arent rushing of with your opinions and feelings!


The Don’ts:


1)Presumptions: Assuming so and so person would be happy or sad in so and so situation and voicing about how all the things would be the good or bad.Appearances are deceptive.Even the most cheery person could be cloaking their confusions and overwhelming thoughts within a mask of happiness.


2)Over the top well meaning encouragement: Sometimes all people want is empathy/sympathy.A listening ear.Even well meaning encouragement,when taken too far may become an insensitive and a compromising speech.


3)The I understand your situation: No,nobody can understand a situation ,other than the one going through it


4)It is most important to ask yourself this,are my words encouraging or discouraging.If its discouraging,silence would be your priceless gift to the person in despair.