Prayers for Moms in All Phases of Life – Mother’s Day Specials

Dear Mom,
I Hope you had a beautiful mothers day being appreciated for who you are.
I ask you write a name of mom friend you know under each category and pray for this mom as you pray for your self too.
  1. Prayers for Single Moms – Lord we commit this mom who solely rests on you for her needs.Be her strength as her sword and her shield.Provide for her as her beloved.Guide her as she makes her way through this world. In Jesus name
  2. Prayers for Hurting Moms – Lord we commit the mom who is hurting from her child’s action.This is probably not the future she had envisioned for her child.Fill her with your wisdom,to be the parent you have created her to be. In Jesus name
  3. Prayers for Weary Moms – Lord we pray for the weary mom perhaps its weariness caused physically or spiritually or emotionally.We pray that you will fill her cup full.So her strength can be restored and she will be renewed like the eagle. In Jesus name
  4. Prayer for Working Moms – Lord we pray for this mom who has taken this path to provide for her family.Help her as she balances her home and work.Fill her with wisdom.In Jesus name
  5. Prayer for Stay At Home Moms – Lord we come for this mom,help her to always derive her confidence,her worth from you.You see her and her work when no one else can,those long days as she nurtures your flock.In Jesus name
  6. Prayer for Moms of Young Moms – Lord,we come for this mom as mom of young children her days are always busy.May your strength fill her and may she guide the littlest ones into your flock.In Jesus name
  7. Prayer for Moms of Teens – Lord we come for the moms of teens.Help her as she gets ready to set her young one to fly into the world.She may not always appreciate their choices.Help her to chose and fight her battles wisely.Help her to teach her children to soar unto you.In Jesus name
  8. Prayer for Miscarried or stillborn(lost children) Moms – Lord we pray for this hurt mom,many dreams ,many days of waiting only to be ended in disappointment and pain.May you comfort and shelter her fragile heart.In Jesus name
  9. Prayer for Empty Nester – Lord we pray for the mom,who has now completed her responsibility as a parent.May she find bigger dreams in you.Show her new dreams to reach,now that she has completed her biggest mission – Motherhood.In Jesus name
  10. Prayer for New Moms – Lord we pray for this mom as she finds her footing in this new phase of her life called as motherhood.Show her to lean on you.Help her to adapt and learn to these new changes in her life.Give her good friendships that will strengthen her. In Jesus name
Prayer for All Moms – Dear Lord we pray for all these special moms out there.Bless them in whatever phase or circumstance or place they may be.May you help us ,be the Mom you’ve called them to be.May we bring the little children to the one who has created them.May we be good stewards of this high calling – MOM you’ve given us.
May we live for your glory and your kingdom by our actions and our lives.In Jesus name.