Feeling of Inadequacy – Mother’s Day Specials

I am for the most part an introvert.I once had a very outgoing friend.As a new mom,every time I spoke to this mom.I used to feel extremely inadequate on my social skills.That feeling that I was not doing enough.and that I need to improve my skill, like so and so.Every conversation left me wanting for no more.And eventually our relationship fizzled out as fast as it could.


A few days or several occasions later I realized a very profound truth.Everyone of us is wired differently,like my friend if she didn’t entertain,it wouldn’t be her,her house wouldn’t be her home,if it didn’t have one guest or another.While me ,I prefer quiet.I prefer to have time to myself,so I can collect my thoughts and put them down as words on a screen.I love the quiet of my house,so I can focus on what I’d want to do next.I don’t do well with entertaining or cooking for large crowds.It stresses me out.I m usually left  thinking if I m doing it right.


It you’re feeling inadequate ,I want to encourage you not to compare your life with another.God wires each one us differently.Trust me we cant handle what our friend handles and our friend can never probably handle our life.The minute I realized the truth,it helped me stop focusing on my inadequacy,It stopped me from making comparisons,it stopped me from wanting to be like another.


Dear Mom you are unique,god made you just the way you were supposed to be.Maybe you are not much of an extrovert,maybe your not pintrest perfect,you are nevertheless unique.


Thank you lord for making me unique and placing me in the position where you have placed me.Help me to realize and understand why I am a good fit for my life .So I might not compare my life with another and reach my true potential .In Jesus name amen.

Wishing you a blessed Mother’s day my dear unique Mom!