Fathers Day Craft 2015

We couldn’t post these crafts earlier as it would have ruined my husband’s surprise.So here we are posting it a bit delayed.

Toddler Craft – Best Dad I Ever Saw: 
We made this craft as my husband has a great sense of humor.
My Toddler has been watching me make the photo frame craft for his dad.
He’s been eager to get his hands dirty with some paint.
So I thought this would be a good craft for him.

Cereal cardboard,
White paper
Paint – Red and Yellow
Blue alphabet Foam Stickers

  • Cut a circle,Saw blade,Saw handle from the cardboard.
  • Stick White Paper on the circle cardboard
  • Allow your little one to paint the saw blade and handle. Use a lot of newspaper to avoid spillage.
  • Glue the saw blade and handle to the circle,allow to dry.
  • Allow your little one stick the alphabet stickers.

Photo Frame Craft:
This was more of my gift to my husband,just to let him know how much i value his help in raising our little one.
He’s such a handy person who can fix anything so that was my inspiration to make this craft.
This is not a toddler craft ,probably would suit an older child wo can work without suprevision

Craft Sticks
DAD Sticker
Photos to make collage
Cereal cardboard
Gray Acrylic Paint
Strong adhesive to glue metal

  • Glue Craft sticks in the shape of Square and allow to dry
  • Paint the square frame Gray and allow to dry
  • Glue in the nuts and bolts using the adhesive
  • Glue the pictures,then the  DAD Sticker to the frame and allow to dry.
  • Finally glue the Ribbon to make the Photo frame Hangable.