Favorite Educational Books – I can read-Level 1 – Preschool and Kindergarten

Disclaimer: I do not own most of these books.Most are a part of us, thanks to our local library.

There are tons of Level one books and the choices can be overwhelming.
What we truly love about these authors is the simple story telling these are not unconnected beginning readers.
But simple story /concept.containing a sentence or two a page.
As children grow older they want to connect with the character.
They need to enjoy the character to enjoy to read a book.
We are listing down a few awesome authors we’ve loved.And we hope you’d love them to.

These wonderful books are available on amazon.
You can get them on deals as low as INR 100.

Author Syd Hoff:

I came across Sammy the seal on a discounted price at amazon.
My son soon fell in love with it.As a preschooler this was one of our go to book.
Soon we started exploring his other books,we became an avid fan.
We loved the authors easy writing which are suitable from young readers and small preschoolers.
These are also wonderful for young children who are starting out to read.

Heres a list of our favorites:
Danny the Dinosaur,Sammy the seal,Mrs Brice’s mice

For Horse Lovers:
Chester,The Horse in Harrys room,Barneys horse

Author Mercer Mayer:

We fell in love with sweet little critter.
A wonderful collection to go through with young children.
It covers preschool topics like garden,firehouse,etc to name a few.

Heres a list of our favorites:
All By Myself
Little Critter: A Green, Green Garden (My First I Can Read)
Little Critter: Snowball Soup (My First I Can Read)
Little Critter: Going to the Sea Park (My First I Can Read)
Little Critter: Going to the Firehouse (My First I Can Read)

Author Else Holmelund Minarik:
Yet another classic reader.
The language in this book is absolutely simple.
The well describing description on a simple scene is why this a favorite.

Heres a list of our favorites:
Little Bear (I Can Read Level 1)
Little Bear’s Friend (I Can Read Level 1)

Authors Jan and Stan Berenstain:
we have mixed reaction,we ve loved some books and some not so much.
They also have a wonderful set of moral stories for older children.

Heres a list of our favorites:
The Berenstain Bears at the Aquarium
The Berenstain Bears: We Love Trucks!

Author James Dean:
Pete the cat series simple and clear.
I love that the stories are centered around with everyday scenes our preschool children might encounter.
Sharing with friends,sharing with your sibling etc.

Heres a list of our favorites:
Pete the Cat: Pete at the Beach
Pete the Cat: Pete’s Big Lunch


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