LIVING HOMESCHOOL HISTORY:Book Review:Freedom at Midnight – Dominique Lapierre & Larry Collins

Recommended for: High schoolers

This book talks from the view point of Last Viceroy Mountbatten.   We get to have a glimpse of how 1946-1948 looked like and to better understand personalities of 3 prominent men – Gandhi ji,Nehru ji and Viceroy Mountbatten. 

We get a understand:

  • The Circumstances by which the British were ready to let go of their very profitable colony India
  • The communal riots of 1946 and 1947,
  • The  discussion for setting up a new Country ,
  • The fight for Pakistan,
  • The Independence day – August 15 1947,
  • The ascension of the princely states into India,
  • And the book ends with the Assassination of Gandhiji.

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Additional Information:
1946 Riots – Nookhali September–October 1946
On the 16th of August, 1946, the Muslim League called for a “Direct Action Day”. Its leader, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, proclaimed that we shall have “either a divided India or a destroyed India”.He was not a believer or practitioner of Islam, although his sister Fatima claimed that he died with the confession of the faith on his lips.

Direct Action Day

Jinnah The Nationalist

1947 Riots – Punjab – 4 Muslims babies found roasted in the pits.Suicide of sikh women to escape from rape by muslims.Train compartments flowing with Blood on trains from Lahore and Amritsar.

Jammu masacre – September to November 1947
Additional information on list of massacres in India

Assassination of Gandhiji – 30 January 1948

The Indian Dream: Nehru ji’s Speech on August 15 1947