Living Homeschool History(South India):History of South India from Prehistoric Times to Vijayanagar by Nilakanta Sastri

Recommended age: Upper Middle school and High school.

This is valuable book for those interested into intensive and thorough reading into South Indian history.

  1. The book begins with sources that were taken into account to writing of history (coins ,rock edicts and writings by foreign travellers)
  2. Goes on to explain the Geography of the south
  3. Then moves to chronologically describe each dynasty that ruled the south starting with Satvahanas and Sakas and ending with Vijayanagar empire.The important kings that ruled the empires and their successors and the significant battles.
  4. Then talks about the literature of the south – poetry of kings,lifestyle and religious
  5. Then talks about the religions of the south  – aethestic,agnostic,polythestic
  6. Then talks about the unique architecture that is peculiar to South India

Highly recommend this book for all South Indians.

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