Book Review: The Railway Children by E. Nesbit

Recommended : Middle School, High School

A well known book that I found in many reading lists
The 3 children and their mother move from their familiar surroundings as their father is taken away from them. The story is about how the children adaptĀ  in thisĀ  new environment is the plot of the book
The children are sensitive to the needs of their mother since she is a single parent and the burden of parenting fall on her shoulders. Its not a superficial book where the children are all goody goody but what happens in every normal household where there is sibling rivalry and quarrels. But it portrays the children’s virtues and how they try to their best to maintain virtue over human nature.

A book children will get a lot from .A book on virtues on how the children impact the life of people they meet and how the people they meet impact them.

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