Book Review: Literature: The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte

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Recommended : High school,Young Adults, Adults

This is Anne Bronte’s second novel and a favourite of mine because its complicated ,because it explores the life of a quiet young woman Helen Graham and  her  child .The intrigue that she is  to her new rural neighborhood , the very obvious with regards to small towns/villages , such as rumor mills, presuppositions, people trying to discover the real her and where everyone has an opinion to give and how people do  get very easily offended with what they perceive  as a slight when people aren’t readily engaging as they are expected too , all form the first part of the book. The second part of the  book deals with Helen’s  attraction and how she deals with it and why she remained a mystery  in the small rural neighborhood  and her backstory of her life and choices.

I loved this book as a mother ,I think there are lots  of things one understand as they get older ,and that’s what made this a great read. We see practical reality than castles built in clouds . Complexity of relationships, blind spots of a young heart and  understanding the importance of duties.

Although these may not be vogue today ,in todays fast paced life there is an unvarnished truth in slowing down and learning the rewards of delayed gratification ,taking the road less traveled.