Book Review: Living Homeschool: History(India): Discovery of India – Jawaharlal Nehru

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Recommended Age: High school, Young Adult, Adult

A must read book for anyone who wants to truly understand India and the thought process that went into making it.

The quintessential book for all Indians. The book was written during one of Nehru ji prison tenure for freedom struggle.

He talks about India’s glorious past ,The present with the British and the future he envisions. A book that would make people fall in love with ancient India and to see how far we’ve come. It gives a good idea on his character and likes – love for classic literature. His opinions and ideas on education were very much in alignment with miss Mason’s ideas Hands on learning, connecting ideas and learning through working.

A book that inspired me to read the Indian epics and Indian philosophy-  the Upanishad, which happens to be a favourite of his. This book has been a huge inspiration for me to read widely and view life broadly. Nehru ji for me is one of my very favorite heroes because of his intellect and tenacity.