Color Wheel Fun and Matching Cards — Toddler busy bag

16 Months:

1.Match the color wheel:
I cut out the wheel in a foam board and thick cardstock paper and colored it.However I feel I might use light blue next time on the color wheel as the blue and black look very much alike.Finally I colored the clothespins too with the respective colors.My little boy is still learning the hang of opening and closing the clothespin.We are work in progress.

2.Matching Cards
The cards are made from cereal box cardboard,yes I hoard the empty cereal boxes 🙂 and bought these summer foam stickers on target very cheap .I liked the vibrant colors  and easy vocabulary.You can do these with ordinary stickers too.Try to get vibrant ones .Object of the game:match the cards! match the green frog to the green frog,cards are all face up.This will later be transformed into memory game,turning face down.