Book Review: Heart Sisters by Natalie Snapp

Loved this book.I believe as women it is hard to find real genuine friendship you know the ones that are not catty and not superficial.

With my pregnancy looming,one of my best friends from college turned to out to be a heart sister for me in many an aspects from sharing pregnancy hormones to raging emotions to asking for prayer needs.

About the book:

1.It goes to the crux of the matter,without beating around the bushes

First and foremost that we need to be right with god to be right in any other relationship or friendship.

I believe in this profound truth

Counting Up The Oddities

2.It talks on what and what not a heart sister would do.What you and I can change in our behaviors towards our heart sisters.

The Gossip,the envy,the high expectations,extending grace and forgiveness that we sometimes are reluctant to hand out.

The most beautiful discovery true friends

3.To learn not every friend need be a heart sister.

I was able to weed out on one particular friendship which I thought was close,I realized after some examination the one sidedness of the relationship and how it would be good to set up boundaries and to extend grace.

4.No one of us wants to admit the ugly,we are afraid we might get judged ,so we put on the “everything’s fine in our life” with our friends.We need to be vulnerable with our friends not present superficial pictures of ourselves to them.Word of caution make sure this heart sister is trustworthy before you share your vulnerability.

My mistake in trusting the wrong person,earned me a “I am holier than thou” attitude from one of my friends and left me feeling not so good.


5.It also talks about healthy relationship for women in ministry when working with other women.

6.And the different depths of friendships we maintain with different people in our life.

7.And how a heart sister is a true prayer friend.I truly believe in the power of prayer and when two believers come together in the lords name the impact itcan make.Who better than a heart sister who can pray for you.

Theres nothing more beautiful than a friend

All in all a great book for women who want more meaningful friendships with other women.