All about Puzzles:
Personally at our home we love Puzzles.They are a great way to teach children,hand eye coordination and also very handy for educational purpose.

Giant Knob Puzzles:
When my son turned a year old.We started him of on Knob Puzzles.These are easier for the toddler to hold.Also these come with a limited number of pieces minimum 3 to maximum 5.They are great start for your youngest child.

Peg Puzzles:
As your little one masters the knob puzzle you can shift to the peg puzzle.These are much smaller hence they are better suited for toddlers who have mastered the pincer grip.These usually have at least 10 pieces or more.

Chunky Puzzles:
Chunky puzzles are for older toddlers who can identify the piece based on the shape.You can start out the child using animal puzzles and ease them into alphabets etc.

Again this is just out of experience some toddlers might be quicker learners and might advance faster through the different puzzles