DIY – Circle Time Calendar Printable – Teaching Calendar

A long time project which I finally got time to make.
Has been absolutely so helpful for my boys to learn the calendar concepts.

We use this to learn:
Days of the week
Months of the year
Dates of the month

Click on the links below to get the printable:

Printable for clock

Printable for Days of the Week

Printable for Months of the Year

Dates of the month

Weather wheel

Seasons wheel – I drew by hand.

How To make:
I printed and laminated these printables.
And stuck them to a sturdy cardboard.
For the concepts(Days of the week,Months of the year,Dates of the month) we use sticker
For the wheels (Seasons,Weather,Time)we used velcro dots

Additionally songs we used to learn the concept:
Our Favorite Days of the week song
Our Favorite Months of the Year Song
Our Favorite Weather Song
Our Favorite Season Song