CLASSIC LITERATURE:Book review:1984 by George Orwell

Recommended age:Adults(contains adult content)

1984 was written in 1948  by George Orwell envisioning how the future would look like.This is a dystopian political Novel.

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The novel is written from the point of Winston Smith who lives in Oceania.The world is divided into three super states Oceania,Eurasia and Eastasia. And these states at war with each other all the time.Oceania is ruled by Big Brother ,they have their own language and tele screens to feed information and monitor the citizens and the thought police for law and order.The government manufactures its own history and facts as it sees fit to keep control over its citizens.The story follows Winston’s Enlightenment as he questions the government’s motives and actions and what follows because of this.

Yet another thought provoking book from Mr.Orwell.Of what would happen if a government/any government were to control each every sector in a state.

My taking from this book was how important it is to question and to reason with everything that is put forward to us and to never accept anything blindly.