Living Homeschool History(South India):Book Review:A Forgotten Empire (Vijayanagar) by Robert Sewell

Recommended Age: High School

Being a South Indian,South Indian history intrigues me.Robert Sewell’s  the forgotten empire does justice to this Forgotten Empire Vijayanagar. Sewell sources for this book have been the  the chronicles from Nunez  a Portuguese visitor and  traveller Ibn Bhutia

  • It gives account of the beginning of Vijayanagar empire with my very favorite king Kamipla Deva of Kampili and the early Kings of Sangama Dynasty.
  • The rise of the Great Krishna Deva Raya  of Tuluva Dynasty who was meticulous,hardworking and wise.
  • His friendships with the Portuguese his courage against the Deccan sultanates.
  • The interesting war tactics that he employed.
  • The murder of Krishna Deva Raya ‘s son.
  • The beginning and fall of the Rama Raya of the Arividu dynasty .
  • Leading finally to the breaking and fall of the empire.

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