Pom Pom Fun — Toddler Busy Bag

15 Months: 1.Stuff the Pom Pom:I used a to go container and drilled a single hole on top of it.My little one loves this activity,it can keep him quiet busy.This develops fine motor skills and the pincer grip.I usually supervise him as he tends put it into his mouth. 2.Counting/Color Sorting Pompoms:I got these cute containers at dollar store.I stuffed

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Favorite Educational Books Part 2

(DISCLAIMER: This blog is not for profit. All images used are property of their respective companies unless stated otherwise. I do not claim ownership of this material.) 12 Months: 1.Flip Books:My son loves these suprise books.And loves to get surprised with the animal inside the flap.This is one of our travel books.I keep them handy.A book that can also tell

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Favorite Beginner books Part 1

1.Brown Bear,Brown Bear,What do you see? By Bill Martin Jr/Eric Carle We ve been reading this book from the time my little boy turned 3 months,till date it appears to be his favorite book.The Lyrical words entice him each and every time.The repetitive vocabulary makes a fine impression on their memory.I would recommend this as a starter book. 2.Animal Adventures

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