Hands On Learning: Making Alphabet with Lines and Curves

I m thankful to my cousin who shared this idea which she made with her kids. My son and I too had a wonderful time making our alphabets.A good time filler when we are off on vacations. How to make this simple activity: Needed: Cardboard from 3 cereal boxes Colourful printer paper Glue Ruler Compass Scissors Specifications: Tall Line -Make

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Quiet Book Page – Christmas Tree

With Christmas nearing,made a tree for the little ones which they could put decorations on by themselves. Quiet pages are easy to make and require minimal effort.I mostly free hand my drawings Needed: Felt – Green for tree,any color for decors. glitter glue To make: Cut out the Christmas tree. Cut out Circles,star,sharp ovals,candy canes,socks and snowman for ornaments Cut

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DIY Interactive Christmas Story Book

I ve always wanted to make something interactive for my children to understand the nativity story. I free handed all the drawing from some leftover paint from my sons painting. Needed: Cerealbox cardboard Hard cardboard from packages for book Black craft paper White printer paper Brown craft paper Paint Popsicle sticks Ribbons Glue How to: Paint the characters on the

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