Republic Day Art

Thankful to celebrate our 68th Republic Day.
Thankful to live in a country which gives us so many freedoms.
This year has been exhilarating for us.
Our state – Tamil Nadu has begun the new year by coming together for conservation of our native cattle breeds and to keep a part of our culture the jallikattu.
It was a beautiful moment.The entire state staged a 7 day peaceful protest on Marina beach Chennai and several other cities in the state.Our College Students took the forefront and led the protest.We saw the most uncommon acts of kindness and unity in our diversity.Most importantly we won,our request was taken into consideration by our state government.
In honor of this beautiful country,we made an art work of the flag.

Paint – Orange,White,Green,Blue
1 Qtip

1.Free hand or print clip art of Indian Flag
2.Help finger paint the flag.
3.Help child to dot paint using Q tip the Chakra(wheel)