Pipe Cleaner and Foam Fun — Toddler Busy Bag

16 Months:

1.Pipe Cleaner Color matcher:
This activity was a big hit with my son.I used an old ready made icing can and had my hubby drill holes into them.Then I cut out a circle pasted it on top of the can .Punched out the holes in the drilled spots.And color coded them.
Object of the game to put the pipe cleaner into the correct colored hole.

2.Foam Sequencer:
This activity was a big hit with my son.Even Though I m not sure if he fully understands the game.I found this online and thought I’d give it a try.Cut out squares in different color.
I made the ABAB as my son is just 16 months.My next target would be to cut out different shapes.I thought I ‘d advance the pattern to ABBABB, ABCABC as he grows.