Toddler Favorite Activities Part 1

I know some days finding activities to do with the young ones can be brain wracking.
These are some fun activities my little toddler and I love to do.I’ve put down the months when we did these,but you can do them earlier if your child is ready 🙂

1.Build a pillow castle:(6 months)
We love to build them, go under them,break them and rollover them on the living room floor.

2.Play hide and seek:(10 months)
My son just can’t stop laughing as we play this game.Its infectious 🙂

3.Play Egg Hunt:(14 months)
I bought a bag of eggs(you can substitute with balls) after easter at dollar store.I like to hide them under the couch etc and then we take a basket and hunt for them.

4.Catch the Bubbles: (11 months)
My little boy always gets fascinated with bubbles.He just can’t get enough of them.

5.Coloring with crayons:(14 months)
My son is still novice.This activity holds his interest probably only for 10-15 minutes

6.Play Ball:(6 months)
I have different sized balls and we keep throwing them around the house.

7.Ride the Bike: (15 months)
This is one of his favorite activities, I’m still getting him to learn his pedal.I tell you this is good workout 😀

8.Treasure Hunting:(12 months)
We grab a bucket  collect sticks and stones along the way.But I’ll warn you younger toddlers will squat in one place and might be hard budge.

9.Bucket of Water: (17 months)
I fill a bucket of water put different spoons and cups and leave them on a porch.My son has a blast,This activity can keep him entertained for at least 45 minutes.

Hope these activities help for a fun filled summer!If you have any other ideas don’t forget to leave a comment.