Pray for Chennai

Ravaged by waters.

Plunged into darkness.

With no means of communication.Many cell phone towers were damaged.Still damaged.

Inflated prices on left over grocery which were old stock.

People dying in hospital ICU due to lack of power.

Workers clearing out water and drainage coming up with fungal infections due to mixing of rain water with drainage water.

Government Milk price 1 Lt which is 35inr due to storm was 100inr.Thanks to some greedy corrupted Staff.Sadly some people lost their humanity .

Loss of property and personal belongings.

All transportation stopped – No flights no vehicles.

Electrocution of people due to power lines.

Road accidents due to no proper vision in the rain.Bikers run over by buses.

People falling into opened drains.

Snakes washed into homes.

Burglars breaking into abandoned houses.

Help rebuild Chennai and Coastal Tamil Nadu!
We are helping kadalur and chennai.
Some stuff we can donate.
Bread,jam,water packets,bleaching powder,mosquito coils,biscuits,blankets,sleeping mat,paracetamol’s,clothes.

Help one person today find you’re nearest relief center

Pray for Chennai.Pray for Coastal Tamil Nadu.Please Reshare.We need your prayers.

God bless Chennai.God bless Tamil Nadu
God bless India.