New Year Greetings 2017

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As we look back at 2016,we are thankful to god for his guiding hand in our life.
It has been a challenging year for our family and our state TamilNadu.
For our state with cyclone Vardah and loss of a Chief Minister Jayalalitha(fondly Amma(mother) or Iron Lady).
We are still yet to recover from the devastation caused by the cyclone.
Keep in your prayers the poor who lost their homes,the orchard owners who lost their orchards.

As I look back i see gods goodness in keeping our family safe amidst the riots that were about to erupt at the demise of our CM and the devil winds that the cyclone brought in.
These events have truly taught our family how fragile life is.

As we step into 2017.Heres me wishing you all a wonderful 2017.
And a word of encouragement to you,to step in boldly into unknowns,to dream big and to give generously.

I look forward to any inputs and suggestions you would like to provide.
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