Teaching your PreKindergartner to Read- Part 4

Reading is a priceless gift that we can give a child.

If your Child knows their alphabets,the next step would be to teaching them to read.

Teaching the Alphabet Sounds:
The first step would be in teaching the Alphabet Sounds.
You can teach the letter sounds using toys or phone apps or songs on youtube

Phonics activities that we did:

Clipping beginning Sound

Feed the dog activity for hands on learners:

A Carboard box to stick your puppy(make a slit for a mouth)
A paper dice
And clipart of words.

How to :
Roll the dice
And place the alphabet on the begining space of the word family (Here we have used AT word family)
The child reads the word (CAT)
And feeds the picture of the cat to the puppy.

A Short video on teaching your child to learn.

Click here to view the video

Resources that we used:

Alphaphonics by Samuel L Blumenfeld

Phonics First by Hunter Calder