How to begin reading Charlotte Mason’s Home Education Series?

Hello everyone,
Today I will be sharing my approach to reading Charlotte Mason’s Home Education Series.We are eclectic homeschoolers,however we largely lean towards the Charlotte Mason style of homeschooling.So today‚Äôs video is on How to begin reading the Home Education Series by Charlotte Mason.

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When we began homeschooling I started looking for a homeschooling guide book to guide me.The prominent books that were always suggested were the Well Trained Mind by Susan wise Bauer and Charlotte Mason Companion by Karen Andreola.

Being on a tight budget I was wondering on what to do.I found Habits by Charlotte mason on amazon for 99cents.Habits is a small part of volume 1.Once I completed habits.I was able to relate with the thought process of Charlotte Mason ,it resonated a lot with me.The writings made sense ,plain common sense.And I knew this would be a great fit for us.

Also Around the same time was when I discovered the Charlotte Mason volumes were absolutely free online.So I proceeded on to read Volume 1 and so on and so forth.And that’s how I began my journey in reading the Charlotte Mason volumes.

My suggestion to anyone wanting to read the series.Start by Reading habits and if it resonates with you.You can dive into reading volume 1 and so on and so forth.

Habits -(Pg 105 -Pg 169)
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Who are the intended audience?
Any parent or educator who wants to nurture their child in good virtues and character.

What is the style of Writing?
Charlotte Mason writings are understandable and would not be difficult for someone who is passionate about reading.She explains the methods with example.And hence the method or the principle becomes very understandable.

Why do we need to read the Volumes in order?
As a good practice it is good to read the volumes in order.
Certain principles and philosophies are elaborated in the certain volumes and subsequent volumes may contain only a brief glance as it is assumed, we the reader, have read the prior volumes.
An example of this would be Habit training which is dealt elaborately in Volume 1.In the subsequent volumes we only get a brief glance of it ,because it is assumed we have read volume 1.

A Sneak Peak into the Volumes:
However I would like to highlight the main volumes in case you are beginning out with an older child.
Volume 1 deals with educating children below the age of nine years.
Volume 3 deals with educating children between the age of 9 -12
Volume 6 deals with educating older children.

You can start anywhere ,by and by, as and when time permits you can read all the other volumes.

I really do believe we shouldn’t be stressed out while we are reading for homeschooling.

I highly recommend reading the original volumes.
Implementations and Explanations are good but when we read from the original source we can understand the thought process that went into the making of such and such method
and can tweak the method according to our needs.

You can find these insightful books as a free download-able online here, or get the free Kindle version from Fisher Academy.

Happy reading!