Living Homeschool History(India):Book Review: India after Gandhi by Ramachandra Guha

Recommended Age:Upper Middle school,High School,Graduates

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Highly recommend this book for anyone interested in Indian politics and Indian democracy.This part of history is relatively less lengthier to read than others as it is less than 80 years.Time period is from 1947 to 2015.It enables us to understand the why’s and who’s and what’s when politicians accuse each other.

  • It begins with free India after assassination Gandhi ji.
  • It talks about Nehruji the architect and his tenure in politics.
  • The industrialization of India.
  • The first Indian Election 1951-1952.
  • The first Indian wars on the borders.
  • The first Signs of Unrest in the various states.
  • The various opposition political parties that were against the congress(Swatantra Party,Socialist Party) and came to power like the  Janata Dal.
  • The different agrarian crisises,power struggles,emergency, splitting and forming of new parties,creation of new states.
  • The Kashmir and North east conficts – the ever controversial Article 35A and AFSPA

Nehruji’s India: