Book Review: Biology: The Gene by Siddharth Mukherjee

Recommended: Young Adult, High School

The book goes into Genes and History of  Genetics. He brings in real life incidents and people from his own family. An insightful book on transferrable attributes of  ancestry. The vast  unexplorable depth  of the human genome and how small changes to it have big consequence.

There is still a lot of gray areas with respect  to genes, with much research still ongoing , this will not be your complete one stop book .Since the mystery of the body is too vast to make predictable outcomes even with all the great information on Genes, like in the mystery why certain genes skip over generations. Hence if you are a person of faith like me ,I encourage you to hold on to faith and hope .

However I highly recommend as a parent to read through this book before handing it over or recommending. Since this book contains some shades of gray on the value of life. As a Christian we intrinsically believe every heartbeat is a person made in the image of God and hence is to be valued and cherished. And I do not say this lightly since people of all abilities are part and parcel of my own close circles.

Some of my favorites : Nick Vujicic , Fanny Crosby , Joni Eareckson Tada , Michael Phelps

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