Homeschool Maths – Book review:Alex through the Looking Glass by Alex Bellos

Recommended : High School, Young Adult, Adult If you enjoyed Alex in Numberland then you won’t be disappointed with Alex through the looking glass. Presenting facts in an engaging manner with real life references. Here he advances onto trigonometry ,calculus ,factorials, negative numbers and many more.Some Sections I found very interesting: Numbers and patterns Like the shape of hyperboloid in

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Homeschool: Maths – Book review:Alex in Numberland by Alex Bellos

Click Here to watch Review Click Here to Buy Book Recommended: Middle School, High School, Young Adult, Adult A fantastic read that combines history and correlation between day to day life to make it a living math book.The author does a fantastic narration about the history of geometry and keeping the reader engaged with other anecdotes. Some interesting information that I gleaned

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Book Review: Complete Works Of William Shakespeare by William Shakespeare

Recommended: High School,Young Adults,Adults As an easterner I was wondering how I would be able to relate with a western shakespeare and thats where I was truly wrong. My goal for last year was to read Shakespeare and to truly understand why it was admired by many.And I understood it for the first time.Shakespeare brings out everyday emotions and showcases

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