Homeschool: Maths – Book review:Alex in Numberland by Alex Bellos

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Recommended: Middle School, High School, Young Adult, Adult

A fantastic read that combines history and correlation between day to day life to make it a living math book.
The author does a fantastic narration about the history of geometry and keeping the reader engaged with other anecdotes.

Some interesting information that I gleaned from this book were about the history of Maths with respect to India. Relation between Pi and computers. On Why the leaves are arranged in a particular manner on the stem. I m still stunned I have completed reading a math book. Thankful to Mr Bellos for kindling an interest in Mathematics.

Alex Bellos states this book is for someone with no mathematical knowledge. If you’re interested you can read a sample of this book on google reads, if you like the rhythm the book sets then you will love the book till the end. This would be a wonderful book for those who are not comfortable with¬†Mathematics.