Book Review :English Literature: The Talisman by Walter Scott

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Recommended : For middle school and high school.

Reading a bit into the history of King Richard 1 (Lionheart) gave me glances of the crusades and about Saladin. So I wanted to get more of a picture and that’s how I stated reading  this book which gives a good insight into medieval Europe and middle east. The relationship between Richard and Saladin. Although this is a fictional story Walter Scott as always beautifully weaves in time a picture of the past and makes history accessible without getting dull.

 The story follows Sir Kenneth who has enrolled in the third crusade and his experience in the holy land. Along with doses of his feeling for his attraction and strong sense of duty. And parallelly narrates the goings of the crusade the politics among the princes. Moments of  bravery and courage . Plots of assassinations and treachery. There’s never a dull moment.

All in all ,an excellent book to imbibe  History in a fiction.

The best thing I love about this book is how Kenneth never gives excuses when he fails in his duty.

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