Book Review: Children’s Literature: James Herriot’s Treasury for Children

Recommended: Kindergarten and Above A book written by a veterinarian Mr.James Herriot who details true life incidents from his career as a vet. A book with beautiful pictures and since it is an authentic true life story detailing the vets experience at various places and the interesting animals he meets it makes it all the more endearing. A book which is

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Book Review: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Last Battle by C. S. Lewis

Watch Review Watch Lecture Buy Book Recommended : Middle School, High school, Young Adults, Adults Somehow this comes to haunt me in my memory and unfortunately  hate to play favorite with the Narnian books, because I love all of them differently. The Story follows  Tirian and his defense of Narnia as  it begins with a fake Aslan which  brews  turmoil with

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