I am Thankful for…..

So my First thanksgiving post is dedicated to the one who loves me the most.And whom I love lesser than he loves me(I’m imperfect!). This week wasn’t one of my finest weeks,You know that explosive woman who has gone off on her family most times, for those things that aren’t even their fault.The Last place I want to be, is at the

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Mom Confidence:Taking Care OF your appearance!

As moms,busy moms,we fall easily prey to appearance isn’t everything. A few days ago,my aunt and I were  talking about appearances. To be honest my appearance quotient has significantly degraded since being mom. My aunt promptly gave a perfect word of advise – ‘Taking care of your appearance will make you health conscious’ Lately my wardrobe consists of sweat pants,sneakers and

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The Real Secrets behind the Happily Ever After – The Shrek Series

Do I write this because I m doing it right with my happily ever after. Definitely Not,I m guilty as charged on many of these points and a work in progress :).Being Mom comes instantaneously.But being a great wife, I m always left feeling short on the measuring stick.As we watched the Shrek series this week,I gleaned many life truths. To me the Shrek series

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