Dissatisfaction Guaranteed:The Comparison trap

As Christians we fall prey to ‘The What about him/her Question’? What happens when aligning yourself to god’s will you are downsized? You are aware that everything works out according to his good purpose, And then you see your neighbor waltz past the same situation and do it differently. Downsized? Definitely not! And you wonder,why can’t it have been the same for me..Human reactions come to

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The 4 Do’s and Dont’s when people share their need or difficult circumstances!Basic Etiquette

Difficulties and Hardships are always great learning experiences.You see things from a new perspective a new angle.Things you might have previously taken for granted.Words you might have uttered thoughtlessly.They all sieve through your memory boat.   The Do’s:   1)Offer them your help, your time.If you mean well,mean well through actions rather than through words.   2)Let them know how much they

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